Seven Ways to Write Captivating Blog Posts during COVID

COVID-19 has been forceful with its onslaught, shuttering businesses, sending schoolchildren home, and their parents into new territory teaching and working from their living rooms. Life recently has been anything but ordinary, and it may stay this way for a while. Yes, I know some of us have used this time to transform into super bakers and triathletes. Spoiler alert: that has not been me. Still, others amongst us are pushing the time between showers to the socially acceptable limits…coughmecough.

So, if you told me that you relegated blogging to last place on your list of priorities, I’d believe you. I haven’t even written in mine since May! How can we keep the content wheel spinning, feed the search engine algorithms, and engage our audience at the same time? I’m going to let you in on some tried and tested blog management secrets (and I should take my own advice) that will get you back on your content marketing schedule. You’re welcome.

Sometimes life gets in the way of content creation.
  1. Set up a content schedule. If posting regularly is a challenge for you, create a schedule that will have you churning out content weekly, monthly, or whatever schedule works for you. Or, perhaps, you’d like to create your posts ahead of time and schedule them to post at a specific time. You can do that, too. Lather, rinse, repeat.
  2. Repurpose old content. Old content begets new content. People often forget how much valuable content they have sitting around in the form of previously made content. Perhaps you could make a podcast or a webinar and turn it into several blog posts or infographics.
  3. Be on the lookout for new content all the time. Remember, the COVID consumer is not the same as the pre-pandemic consumer. The pandemic client wants different content because our budgets may have shrunk, our anxiety has grown, and our patience is strained.
  4. Post regularlyeven if it’s something small. Obviously, there’s something to be said for maintaining a regular content schedule. It means you are reliable. Plus, your audience will appreciate it, it’s something to look forward to, and well-crafted content helps boost page rank!
  5. Consider your blog an open dialogue. This is one stop along the customer funnel. When you think of it as a conversation, instead of a lecture, it’s less stressful for you as the of content creator. Also, chats aren’t as formal, and there is more give and take on both sides. Put your listening ears on. What do your customers WANT to read?
  6. Recycle old posts. Just like a Throwback Thursday, but with your blog content. If you had a heavy-hitting, relevant piece from the past that you can repost, you can do that occasionally, as long as it’s only occasionally. The idea is the generate fun, fresh content, but this will get you by in a pinch. 
  7. Get blogging help. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you need to disconnect and tend to your sourdough, a virtual yoga class, or some frantic homeschooling. That’s where I come in! I can write original content that engages your audience and prompts them to take action. I’m ready to talk about how I can help you achieve your goals!

Remember, regardless of how you get the content machine running again, it’s a marathon not a sprint. And your clients will thank you for thoughtful, quality content that provides value.


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